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Contract with Villian Designs, designing for clients such as Queensland Gas Company, Harley Davidson Finance and Bandana Energy

Project Details

Pull-Up Banners
Clean, simple design to draw the viewers attention at the annual FID event for QGC

Contract with Villian Designs & Crook Publicity:

Clients: Harley Davidson Finance | Queensland Gas Company | Capital Finance | Clive Palmer

QGC Project: Large screen powerpoint presentation, pull-up banners and instructional documents.

Brief: Working for Villian Designs, I had the opportunity to use my photoshop and indesign skills to create a slideshow of imagery based on the annual ‘FID’ event for QGC, incoroporating photos of projects and government officials.

As pictured, hundreds of people attended this event and the screens were displayed throughout the course of the event.

I designed ‘team’ development exercise, it was created by designing giant playing cards that would be used on a team building day.