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Capturing these writers/researchers persona came naturally. From an early age I have been fascinated with archeology and ancient history.¬†Using iconic imagery from the ‘originals’ of this country has created a unique brand for their subject matter. Scroll to read more about this exciting journey, I will take you through the foundations of where this brand began.

Project Details


Forgotten Origin focuses on shedding light on the ‘Out of Africa’ theory, writers and researchers Steven & Evan Strong use their brand to communicate to the masses, here and aboard.

1. Logo Design

Creating the Brand

How it all Began:

Some of the most influential findings and Aboriginal artefacts are depicted in the branding. Bringing together the foundations of Australian history and the Originals deep spiritual connection to their country.

2. Book Tour Posters:

Posters created for Steve and Evans book tour ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’

3. Book Cover Design

Designed to be self published, all layout designed by Erica.

4. Event Poster Design

Art direction was given to a Kimberley resident photographer and friend who captured an Original walking through the desert, superimposed over Egyptian hieroglyphs as their archaeological findings suggest there is a deep connection to Egypt in Australia. Feet are used as symbolism here.  All colours chosen are very earthy and connect back to the brand.