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This was a hoot! Designing a logo for a Stones Corner Bookstore. The owners were trusting and accepting of my creativity and very welcoming of their new logo. The logo contains many Australian wildlife icons and a ‘tree of life’

Project Details


All Medic Bookstore in Stones Corner – Branching out to All Australian Authors Bookstore.

1. Logo Design

Creating the Brand

How it all Began:

Having known Karen as a client for years prior, she contacted me to create a unique logo for her new brand. Her trust in me was very important as it helped shape the persona they have today.

2. Flyers and Bookmarks:

Flyers were created to advertise the new store. The bookmarks are a great keepsake for customers to use at their leisure.

3. Vinyl Window Sticker

The vinyl window sticker is positioned at the shopfront, creating a very Aussie theme.